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The friday prayer is scheduled under official requirements. Due to current official measures to curb the spread of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, there are restrictions when visiting the House of Peace More Informations
Today Yaum al-iṯnain, 23. Rabīʿ ath-thānī 1443 Monday, 29. November 2021 Fajr 05:58 Fadjr-Gebet Sunrise 07:54 Zuhr 12:21 Dhuhr-Gebet Asr 14:11 Assr-Gebet Maghrib 16:34 Maghrib-Gebet Isha 18:24 Ishaa-Gebet Fajr +1 05:59 Share & Save E-Mail PDF Ramadan 2021 Ramadan-Zeiten

The times given here are for guidance only.
Do not use these if you can determine the time by observation yourself.

The prayer times apply to Gießen, Germany

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The Networking and Routing Data Technologies Company
Die Firma für Technolgie in Netzwerk und Datenrouting
Het netwerk en routering datatietechnologiebedrijf
La empresa de redes y tecnologías de datos de enrutamiento.
A empresa de tecnologias de dados de rede e roteamento
Η εταιρεία τεχνολογιών δεδομένων δικτύωσης και δρομολόγησης
Ağ ve Yönlendirme Veri Teknolojileri Şirketi
네트워킹 및 라우팅 데이터 기술 회사
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Công ty công nghệ mạng và định tuyến dữ liệu
บริษัท ระบบเครือข่ายและข้อมูล บริษัท
नेटवर्किंग और रूटिंग डेटा टेक्नोलॉजीज कंपनी
Shirkadda Isgaadhsiinta Xiriirinta iyo Wareegidda Macluumaadka
Firma Networking and Routing Data Technologies
Компанијата за мрежно поврзување и рутирање на податоци
La società di tecnologie di dati di rete e di routing
Kompanija Networking and Routing Data Technologies
Perusahaan Teknologi Jaringan dan Perutean Data
Сүлжээ ба чиглүүлэлтийн мэдээллийн технологийн компани